1200 meters height difference
15-30 minutes, from €150

The CLASSIC flight lasts up to 30 minutes and can be carried out in any season. Our flight leads from the top of the mountain down to the landing site. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the wonderful view.


1200 meters height difference
10 minutes, from €170

Looking for the maximum kick? Experience ACTION pure with a breathtaking action flight. Feel the G-forces and speeds up to 100 km/h with spirals, wing overs and more.


more than 1300 meters height difference
30-40 minutes, from €200

On the CLASSIC PLUS flight we use the natural updrafts (thermals) and fly for more than 30 minutes. Amazing views from a higher altitude! If we don´t have the appropriate wind conditions, the cheaper CLASSIC flight will be charged.


more than 1800 meters height difference
45 minutes, from €250

On the CLASSIC SUPERIOR we fly for 45 minutes and up to 2800m. So we are flying even higher and longer over the mountains with incredible views. Our most spectacular flight! Possible from february to october, thermals required.

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